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Who is an allergist?
An allergist is best qualified doctor to treat allergic diseases. To determine if you have an allergy, your allergist will take a thorough medical history and perform an exam. If indicated, he will then perform allergy skin testing, or sometimes blood tests.

Once your allergy triggers are identified, your physician can help you establish a treatment program. This include minimizing your exposure to the allergens causing your problems, and giving you medications to reduce your allergy symptoms.

Sometimes, Immunotherapy, allergy shots, may also be given to modify your immune response. For many patients, immunotherapy can help diminish their reactions to allergens.

This specialty is very rare in Kuwait, Arabian Gulf Area, and the middle east, as such diseases are considered new to occur in this region. However, such practice is well known in the western hemisphere, especially North America.

In summary, an allergic reaction is a complex chain of events that involves many cells, chemicals and tissues throughout the body. While there is not yet a cure for allergic disease, there are many treatments available to lessen symptoms. See an allergist to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Who is an allergist ?