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What is Meant by Atopic Diseases & Atopy?

AtopyAtopy indicates a state of IgE production by an individual ( IgE is the antibody associated with symptoms of allergy ).

Atopic diseases are a collection of diseases that include: asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis ( Hay fever ), food allergy, drug allergy, urticaria, ...etc.

So, atopy is a broader definition, and a person with atopy does not necessarily need to manifest atopic diseases.

A person who develop one kind of allergic ( atopic ) disease is at risk of developing another.

This is mainly true for airway allergies.

However, there is a condition in childhood called: Atopic March. The typical case scenario would be as follow:

An infant develop eczema at 3-6 months of age. Later on during late infancy or after infancy, he/ she start to develop reactions to food ( food allergy ). During his pre-school years, he start to have allergic rhinitis and at later age starts to have asthma ( This latter scenario can alternate ).

This typical scenario, with the help of many researches, can now be interrupted or delayed.

See your allergist to go over the many options you have for your small child.